Spanish Monastery

This past Labour Day weekend I visited South Florida and finally took the opportunity to do a shoot that I’ve been eager to do for quite some time now.  This shoot took place at The Ancient Spanish Monastery in Miami Beach, FL.  Quite often we tend to neglect ourselves and allow people to mistreat, use, and abuse us.  The woman in this shoot portrays someone who is quite fed up with being dragged around, bogged down by guilt and stress, hurt time and time again, and she is tired of  putting up with being emotionally, physically, and spiritually taken advantage of.  She has been giving herself hoping for love, and acceptance but has received the exact opposite.  Frustrated with how empty and barren her life is,  she wants to do more than exist in this world. She finds herself at this place of peace and discovers that there is a higher purpose for her on this earth, she begins her journey of self love, respect, and acceptance..she gives in to her divine healer and being, God.

Special thanks to Julie, Atira’s Closet, and Gina!

© KareenaTatePhotography


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