All About Reid!

Last Sunday I got the chance to visit a few friends of mine, The Jack’s, who happen to be the proud parents of an adorable little person named Reid.  Once you get married, have a baby, own a home, all those things we are ‘supposed’ to do, you realize there is no time for anything anymore!  We have to make time for keeping in touch with family and friends, time to spend with your partner and your own family, time for your self, it seems all this time becomes null and void with a baby on board.  With the hustle and bustle of being new parents, being working parents, you forget to document all the milestones that occur, all the lovely coo’s, ooh’s, ahh’s and wow’s!  And by the time you blink that baby is a toddler, then he’s a big boy, a teenager, and then a man!  I’m glad that I’m able to help these two crazy busy insanely funny, genuine, and always entertaining pair create those extra special memories for their beautiful and growing family!  Here are some of those milestones and their adorable baby boy, Reid…

© KareenaTatePhotography

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