Urban Eye Candy

Meet Garis Eddington, he is in charge of Raw Space Gallery, which is found in the Historic area of Castleberry, located in Downtown Metro Atlanta.

You will find Raw Space Gallery nestled amongst high-end streetwear boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants in the landmark Castleberry Hill district. Welcoming artists, photographers, fashion designers, and many other event planning clientele, the Raw Space Gallery is a venue of unlimited possibilities.”

Raw Space Gallery features the following:

• Gallery and exhibition Space in historic Castleberry Hill in Downtown Atlanta

• Available to artists, photographers/videographers, chorographers, fashion designers and event planners to use/rent

• 7500 Square Foot Facility

• Possibilities are unlimited because of the industrial “raw space” where the user can create the experience and the environment

• Prefect for art shows, fashion shows video shoots, private functions, exhibitions and public viewings

Garis is one example of how Atlanta, Georgia serves as a place of opportunity for young, urban professionals looking to start and own their own business.  Coming from humble beginnings in Detroit, Michigan, Garis moved to Florida in 2001 where he took the first steps towards starting his own company called INK (Imagine not Knowing).  Founded in 2006, “INK serves as a combination of conventional marketing tactics and entertainment industry management fused with public relations, and financial guidance.”  Garis then made the move to Atlanta in 2010 where he took over Raw Space Gallery.  Combining the two entities has proved to be both daring, and innovative for this 30 year old urban eye candy.  I look forward to working with Mr. Eddington again, and wish him success in his future endeavors. Below are some shots of Garis captured in, out, and around Raw Space Gallery, showing off his intelligent, sophisticated, and playful side.

Styling done by Atira’s Closet.

© KareenaTatePhotography

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